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Helpful Tips for Planning a Garden

Gardening isn’t easy for most people, there is a lot to know and it can be time consuming. However, most of us like to have a nice looking space outdoors to enjoy when the weather warms up. It doesn’t matter how big your backyard is, you can turn it into a colourful area to take pleasure in. Nowadays, there are many ways to improve your outside space from landscaping to a garden clean up. It doesn’t always have to involve a major garden design. If you are trying to sort out an outside space and turn it into a nice garden to enjoy, here are some easy tricks to help.

Planning a garden
Take a look at the area you have outside. Spend time looking at your garden and try to picture what you want, draw a plan on paper if it helps. Look at what you already have; for instance, if you have some tall plants or trees, they may offer instant shade on a hot sunny day which can be useful to place a seating area under rather than buying expensive parasols. They may just need trimming to get them looking neat and less straggly. Weigh up what other things you want such as a play area for children or a vegetable plot. Take into account how close a water source is or whether you need to install an outside tap to you have a hose that can reach all the corners.

Important tips to consider when planning a vegetable garden
If you want to create a vegetable plot, one of the important tips to take into account is to check the soil type. You will need to ensure you have the right preparation, and if not, you will need to buy additional compost, mulch and fertilizers to improve the condition and make it possible to grow vegetables. You will likely have to do some research if you are a new gardener. Books, magazines and the internet have plenty of information on how to grow various produce, so make sure you read all about it before you start. Planting and preparing a garden will take a lot of hard work and money, so make sure you are familiar with how to begin.

A lawn
One of the easier options when planning a garden is grass. Grass is easy and one of the more common choices for families. A lawn looks great and is reasonably easy to care for with regular lawn mowing, and some occasional feed and weed treatment. Grass comes in different varieties, from decorative to hard wearing; again you will need to know what suits you before starting. You can use grass seeds where you sow the seeds in a nice flat soil bed that is free of weeds, and water regularly and wait. Sometime you may have to cover with mesh or protection to stop birds from taking the seed. This option is usually cheap. The other faster and instant way to get a lawn is to buy already grown pieces of turf, and lay them, again on a nice flat soil bed free of weeds. Again, this will need to be watered and fed regularly, but is instant and attractive. Lawn gardens are great for large areas and families, they are easy to keep and hard wearing and long lasting.

Other selections include:
Flowers, plants, trees all add colour and make a garden attractive. Like planning a vegetable plot, if you want added colour, do some studying first. There is a wide choice out there and, lovely as they are, flowers and plants range from those that last all year round to others that only flower in the warmer weather. 

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